Top 5 Best Backpacking Pillows - Overall Best Camping Pillows Of 2022

Best Backpacking Pillows of 2022 - Overall Best Camping Pillows Of 2022

What makes the best backpacking pillow? This is a common question for backpackers and hikers, who need their rest out in the wilderness. In order to understand what makes a backpacking pillow a good option, we need to consider what the basic features of backpacking pillows are and how you can use them to your advantage.

When you're out in the wilderness, sleep can come easier. Your sleeping bag cradles your head and makes you feel as comfortable as possible. But for most people, the comfort of sleeping on the ground is not enough to get you a good night's rest in the wild.

This is where backpacking pillows come in handy. They are usually ultralight and small which makes them easy to carry with you on your journey. Sleeping on the ground using just your sleeping bag for support can be hard for some people.

Choosing the best backpacking pillow below a hundred is no easy feat. But I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Keep reading to discover which are my favorite option out there.

How We Choose The Best Backpacking Pillow In 2022

We've spent the last couple of weeks testing backpacking pillows in all shapes, sizes, and materials. We've slept on them in tents, on the ground, and even on top of a mountain. We've also considered their durability, ease of use, weight, and overall value.

We learned that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the best backpacking pillow. So instead of telling you what we think is the best option for everyone, we're going to tell you what we think are the best options for different types of people.

Here are a few things we considered when choosing our favorites:

Materials: Polyester fiberfill and synthetic down fill are popular materials for backpacking pillows because they add a lot of fluffiness but remain ultralight. Down has the added advantage of being warmer than synthetic fill, but it's also more expensive, loses its benefits if it gets wet, and can be harder to clean.

Size: Your weight will affect how big of a pillow you need when backpacking. Smaller people may want something smaller than average; larger people might prefer something larger than average.

Weight: A good backpacking pillow should be light enough to carry with you on every adventure — even if it means bringing along an extra pair of socks or some snacks to offset its weight (or lack thereof).

Durability: If you're going to spend $50-$100 on a piece of gear that will get abused over time, it better last more than one season.

Ease of Use: The more complicated your gear is to set up or adjust during use, the less likely you'll actually use it when camping or backpacking.

Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow For Camping - Best Overall Ultralight Backpacking Pillow

Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow For Camping - Best Overall Ultralight Backpacking Pillow

Why we love it

The Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow is the perfect travel companion for any adventure. It can be packed down to about the size of a deck of cards, but it's still big enough to provide comfortable support.

It is a lightweight and compact pillow. It’s the perfect size for backpacking and camping. This pillow has a unique design that allows you to roll it up into a small package and easily store it in your sleeping bag or backpack.

The foam filling is soft and comfortable, but also durable and long-lasting. The outer layer of this pillow is made from ripstop nylon fabric, which resists tearing and ripping when used outdoors. This pillow can be used by anyone who needs a little extra support while sleeping on the go!

What you should know

The Therm-a-Rest Compressible Backpacking And Camping Pillow is a pillow that will help you to sleep better wherever you are. It's small enough to fit into your backpack or suitcase so that you can bring it with you on your next adventure.

This pillow is made from polyester, which is a popular material for outdoor gear because it's durable and easy to clean. It also has a soft foam filling in the center of the pillow that gives you support while sleeping.

The pillow compresses down into a small size so that it will easily fit inside any pack or sleeping bag. You can even store it under your seat on an airplane or car!

When you're ready to use the compressible pillow again, simply shake out any dust particles that may have accumulated during storage and fluff it back up by hand until it reaches its original size.

If you ever need to wash your Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow, just toss it in the washing machine!

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Foam Pillow - Best Lightweight Backpacking Pillow

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Foam Pillow - Best Lightweight Backpacking Pillow

Why we love it

The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow is a small, lightweight, and compressible travel pillow. It closes up into a tiny ball to fit in your pack and weighs less than 1 pound. The memory foam filling makes it comfortable to sleep for both side and back sleepers.

It has been designed with the avid backpacker in mind. It's small enough to fit into any backpack but still big enough to provide support for your head and neck when you're sleeping on the ground.

This pillow comes with an attached stuff sack that lets you easily pack it away after use. The pillow is made from hypoallergenic memory foam that will conform to your body shape for added comfort while traveling or camping.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow is made from 100% polyester fabric that's durable enough for outdoor use without getting damaged easily by rain or dirt.

This product is machine washable so you don't have to worry about cleaning it manually; simply throw it in the washing machine and let it air dry!

What you should know

This pillow is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys camping. It's versatile, comfortable, and easy to clean. The pillow is made with high-quality materials that are designed to last.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Pillow is available in two sizes: 12 x 16 inches and 14 x 18 inches. The smaller size weighs 9 ounces while the larger size weighs 11 ounces. Both pillows are filled with 100% polyester fiberfill and have a removable cover that's easy to clean or replace if necessary.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Pillow features a soft polyester cover that's designed to keep you cool when you're using it in warm weather conditions, but this material isn't very breathable so you may have trouble sleeping comfortably if you're camping during cold weather months when temperatures drop below freezing levels each night.

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Travel Pillow - Best Ultralight Pillow We Tested

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Travel Pillow - Best Ultralight Pillow We Tested

Why we love it

The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Travel Pillow is the perfect pillow for those who love to travel. It’s small enough to fit in your carry-on or suitcase, but still big enough to support your head and neck while you sleep.

This comfortable pillow is made from medium firm memory foam, so it will conform to your body as you sleep. The pillow’s microfiber cover is removable and machine washable, so you can keep it clean easily between uses.

The pillow comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to store when not in use. The case also has a handle so that it can easily be carried around with you wherever you go!

What you should know

Take the comfort and luxury of home with you wherever you go! The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Travel Pillow is designed to provide you with maximum comfort while traveling. Its ergonomic design ensures that it will mold to your head, neck, and shoulders to provide support where you need it most.

The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Travel Pillow is a two-piece set that includes a small travel pillow and an adjustable neck pillow. The mini pillow is shaped like a donut and can be used to support your head while you're sitting up. It's also great for placing behind your back when you're lying down.

The larger head pillow is adjustable, so you can customize its height based on your needs. This makes it perfect for use with the mini pillow or on its own when you're traveling or relaxing at home.

This Pillow provides optimal comfort and support. It also has a microfiber cover that keeps it clean and prevents lint from collecting on the surface of the fabric.

The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Travel Pillow comes in three colors: gray, white, and red. This means there's sure to be one that will match your style or decor perfectly!

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Air Pillow - Best Pillow For Travelling Or Camping

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Air Pillow - Best Pillow For Travelling Or Camping

Why we love it

The Klymit Pillow is a lightweight, inflatable travel pillow that can be used in a variety of ways. The pillow is designed with a built-in air chamber that provides comfort while sleeping on planes, trains, and buses.

It is made with 30D polyester and features an internal air chamber that makes it comfortable to use on any surface. Inflate the pillow by mouth or use the included pump to quickly inflate it to your desired firmness level.

The Klymit Pillow has a built-in strap for easy carrying and storage when not in use. It also comes with an integrated stuff sack for easy packing and storage when traveling.

What you should know

The Klymit Pillow X has been engineered for comfort on planes, trains and automobiles as well as outdoors in hammocks, tents, or on the ground at home sleeping. The pillow easily compresses down to 4.5 by 2.5 by 1 inch and weighs just 1.95 oz making it the lightest pillow on our list! It comes with its own stuff sack for easy storage and transport so you can take it anywhere you go

The soft polyester fabric makes the pillow soft on your head and face while still providing support where you need it most while sleeping. Its unique design allows you to lay your head in any position and still sleep comfortably, even for side sleepers.

The Pillow X features an easy-to-use valve system that allows you to inflate or deflate your pillow in less than 2 breaths of air, making it easy to pack up and store during travel or camping trips as well as during your daily commute home from work.

This pillow is also versatile enough to use as a seat cushion at sporting events or concerts.

Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Inflatable Pillow - Perfect Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow For Backpacking, Camping, And Traveling

Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Inflatable Pillow - Perfect Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow For Backpacking, Camping, And Traveling

Why we love it

The Aeros Premium Inflatable Travel Pillow is a unique travel pillow that offers a comfortable and supportive sleep solution while in transit. The design of the Aeros is similar to a traditional pillow with an added twist, as it features an inflatable back panel that helps reduce neck strain during sleep.

The Aeros Premium Pillow features a built-in air valve that allows you to easily inflate or deflate the pillow, making it easy to pack away when not in use.

It's also designed with an internal baffle layer for improved comfort, as well as an outer fabric layer that makes cleaning easier by removing dirt or stains from the surface of the pillowcase.

What you should know

The Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Inflatable Travel Pillow is a multi-function pillow that is perfect for travelers. This lightweight inflatable pillow can be packed away in your backpack or bag and is great for use on planes, trains, and automobiles. It is considered to be the most supportive pillow.

Sea to Summit Inflatable Pillow has a large size measuring 16.5 x 11 x 5.1 inches (42 x 28 x 13cm) and weighs 4 ounces (113g) making it slightly smaller than the sea to summit aeros ultralight.

This pillow also comes with a mini valve that allows you to inflate and deflate the pillow quickly and easily. The mini valve also has an integrated flap that covers the opening when not in use so no dust or dirt can get into the valve.

The Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow is made from a technical fabric that cuts down on weight without sacrificing comfort. It's also compatible with other Sea to Summit camping sleeping mats, so you can mix and match your gear based on the trip you're planning.

The fabric used in this pillow is anti-microbial, which means that bacteria won't grow on it so it will remain fresh even if you don't wash it for several days!

Best Backpacking Pillow FAQs


The most obvious difference is that backpacking pillows are small and lightweight. They can be packed down to the size of a softball, and some weigh less than 8 ounces. If you think about it, this makes sense; if you were trying to carry a pillow that weighed more than a pound, you'd be carrying extra weight for no good reason.

Another difference is that backpacking pillows usually come with an integrated stuff sack. This makes it easy to pack them away when not in use and keeps them from getting dirty or damaged on the trail.


Yes, you can use a regular pillow in the backcountry. However, there are some drawbacks to this decision.

If you'll be camping in cold weather, your pillow will get wet from condensation or snow. This can cause mold and mildew to grow inside your pillow, which could irritate your skin when you sleep and smell foul.

Another problem is that you won't be able to wash your pillow during a trip because it will be bulky and difficult to dry. In addition, regular pillows take up more space than inflatable ones, so they're not ideal for backpacking trips where space is at a premium.


Backpacking pillows are generally smaller and lighter than regular pillows. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including travel pillows, picnic pillows, or camping pillows. However, despite their versatility, backpacking pillows tend to be small in size and lightweight.


Foam-filled mattresses tend to be more comfortable than inflatable ones. The foam layers in a foam-filled mattress provide pressure relief, which helps keep you from tossing and turning throughout the night.

Inflatable mattresses are becoming more popular, but they can be uncomfortable if they're not properly inflated. Some people find that they get hot while lying on an air mattress because there's not much air circulation underneath them and very little to wick away excess heat through conduction.


The answer is no, you don’t need to carry a separate cover for your pillow. The reason behind this is that the cover of the pillow itself is made from high-quality material, which means that it will be able to resist moisture and dust very well. So, it will not get dirty or wet easily, even if you are using it in different environments.

If you want to keep the original look of your pillow intact and don’t want it to get dirty, then you can always use a pillow case on top of it. But if you are not concerned about keeping its original look intact then there is no need for using a separate cover over your pillow.


Yes, your backpacking pillow will help keep you warm at night. The reason for this is that a good backpacking pillow will be able to keep your head elevated above the rest of your body. This means that you’ll have less of a chance of getting cold from being on the ground or from the wind blowing over you.

In addition, many side sleepers find that they are able to sleep better when they use a sleeping pad because it keeps their head and neck in an ergonomic position.

This means that they don’t have to move around as much while they try to get comfortable, which means that they are less likely to toss and turn throughout the night. That leads to better sleep quality for many sleepers who use these pillows on their camping trips or during overnight backpacking trips.

Conclusion - Is Buying the Best Camping Pillow of 2022 Worth It?

A good pillow is the most important thing for sleepers, especially if you have a sore neck or anything of that nature. There are a few key factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right pillow for your next backpacking trip.

First and foremost, your pillow must be lightweight. Second, you'll want to choose one that's easy to clean (just in case). And finally, it needs to be comfortable. These pillows may not meet ALL of these requirements, but they definitely check off most of them. All that's left to do is click the check price button and enjoy a restful night on your next adventure!