Best Camping Hatchet In 2022 - Best Camping Axes And Hatchets For Splitting Or Chopping Branches And Firewood

Best Camping Hatchet in 2022 - Best Camping Axes And Hatchets Of 2022

When you go camping, hiking, or fishing, the last thing you may want to leave behind is a good hatchet that could make your trip better than ever. While some are looking for a tool that can cut through small trees and logs easily, others seek an axe suitable for a light job of chopping branches, or even just kindling in the campfire. Whatever your desires may be, the following products will give you an idea of what to expect from the current market.

Choosing the right kind of axes of 2022 to take on your camping trip is very important. However, most people are not fully aware of the different types available.

How We Choose The Best Camping Hatchets And Axes Of 2022 For Chopping Firewood

The hatchet is the perfect tool for chopping trees, cutting branches, and even processing firewood. It’s a versatile tool that can quickly become your favorite piece of gear when you’re out camping, hiking, or hunting.

The best hatchet will be durable, lightweight, and easy to carry around with you as you explore the great outdoors. Before we dive into our list of top picks for camping hatchets, let’s take a look at some factors that make a great hatchet:

Weight: Hatchets typically weigh less than two pounds, so they're not too heavy to carry around in your backpack or on your belt loop. However, some models weigh up to four pounds with a longer handle. Consider how often you'll be using the hatchet before choosing one that's too heavy for your needs.

Blade Length: If you plan on chopping wood or clearing brush, look for a model with a longer blade (upward of 4 inches). Otherwise, choose something closer to 3 inches if you want something more convenient for camping and traveling.

Handle Material: Most camping hatchets feature wooden handles that offer excellent grip and durability over time. However, plastic handles are also common and provide good traction as well as comfort during extended use or in wet conditions such as rain or snowfall

Handle length: Longer handles allow you to swing harder and faster, but they also make it harder to control your swing if you don't have enough experience wielding an axe. If you're just starting out with this type of tool, look for something with a short handle that's easier to wield. As your skill level increases, you can upgrade to a longer ax or hatchet that gives more power behind each swing.

Fiskars X7 Hatchet  - Overall Best Camping Hatchet Of 2022

Fiskars X7 Hatchet  - Overall Best Camping Hatchet of 2022

Why we love it

The Fiskars X7 Hatchet is a great tool for chopping kindling, splitting small to medium-sized logs, and completing other light jobs around the campsite. It's made of high carbon steel and has a black and orange finish that makes it easy to spot in the woods. This hatchet has a classic design with a compact shape that makes it easy to carry with you on your outdoor adventures. The blade is sharpened on both sides and has an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand.

This hatchet is designed for chopping kindling into smaller pieces so it can be used in campfire kindles or portable stoves. It can also be used for cutting down small branches or clearing small brush from around your campsite area. This axes weighs 1.4 pounds and has an overall length of 16.5 inches long with a head length of 5.5 inches long and an edge length of 2 inches long which will allow you to get deeper cuts every time you swing it down onto your target material.

What you should know

The Fiskars X7 Hatchet is a high-performance hatchet that is ideal for cutting down small to medium size trees. It features a proprietary blade grinding technique that provides a sharper edge for better contact and cleaner cuts. The low-friction blade prevents the head from getting stuck, allowing you to chop through even the toughest materials with ease.

The X7 Hatchet has been designed to provide a perfect balance of power and weight, resulting in faster swing speeds. This allows you to deliver more force in each swing, which increases your chances of success when it comes to chopping down trees or splitting firewood.

The handle features an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip, so you can maintain control of your hatchet during use. The handle is made of black and orange fiber for adding comfort and soft-feel grip. This makes it much easier for you to use your hatchet without worrying about dropping it or losing control of it during use.

As well as being ideal for camping trips, hiking expeditions and other outdoor activities, this little axe makes an excellent addition to any tool shed or garage workshop where additional tools may be required while performing tasks like maintenance work on vehicles or other machinery.

Estwing Sportsman's Axe - Overall Best Budget And Lightweight Camping Hatchet

Estwing Sportsman's Axe - Overall Best Budget and Lightweight Camping Hatchet

Why we love it

The Estwing Sportsman's Camping Hatchet is the perfect companion for your camping trip or any other outdoor adventure. The forged steel construction ensures a long-lasting striking tool that is built to withstand the most intense use. The genuine leather grip provides a comfortable feel and keeps your hand from slipping during use. This hatchet comes with a leather handle making it one of the most durable tools on the market today.

This hatchet has a 14" long handle and weighs only 1.86 lbs., so it's lightweight enough to carry in your backpack but heavy enough to get the job done without causing strain on your arms or back. This tool also comes with an edge protector for safety when storing it in your pack or toolbox. The Estwing Hatchet will become one of your favorite tools for camping and hunting trips, as well as around-the-house jobs where you need to chop big pieces of wood down into smaller chunks for burning in campfires or backyard barbecues.

What you should know

The Estwing Sportsman's Hatchet is an American-made hatchet for camping, hunting, and outdoor use. This tool is designed to be used for splitting wood and making kindling, but it can also be used for other purposes. The head of the hatchet is made from forged steel and has the option of a hickory handle or a leather grip, which makes it strong, durable, and comfortable to use.

The handle of this hatchet has been sanded down by hand so that you have a comfortable grip on it while you're working with it. It comes with a ballistic nylon sheath that protects your hand-sharpened blade when not in use. The 2.75 or 3.25 inches edge is sharpened on both sides to provide reliable, easy cuts.

The leather grip is lacquered for a durable yet attractive appearance The Estwing Sportsman's Hatchet comes with a limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship, so if anything goes wrong with your product, you can get it fixed or replaced without any hassle!

Husqvarna Hatchet - Best Value Wooden Hatchet In 2022 For Car Camping Or Backpacking

Husqvarna Hatchet - Best Value Wooden Hatchet in 2022 for Car Camping or Backpacking

Why we love it

The Husqvarna wooden hatchet is a small hand-forged axe that can be used for cutting branches and splitting small campfire wood. It has a 2.2-pound weight and 15 x 6.5 x 0.98 inches dimensions. It's made of a solid hickory wood handle and Swedish steel head with a black color finish. The handle is quite comfortable to hold in hand and doesn't slip from your grip when you swing the hatchet. The blade is sharp and durable.

The handle is very hard-wearing and doesn't show any signs of stress or wear, even after several months of heavy use. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants something lightweight but still effective enough for camping or backpacking trips.

What you should know

The Husqvarna Wooden Hatchet is a great tool for anyone who needs to chopping and splitting wood. The Husqvarna 13" Wooden Hatchet is a hand-forged Swedish steel hatchet made of hickory. The head is attached to the hickory shaft with a wooden and steel wedge, which ensures a secure fastening and keeps the head from loosening during use.

The leather edge cover protects your hands while you are chopping wood. The hatchet has a sharp blade that makes it easy to cut through any material quickly and easily. The blade also has an anti-corrosion coating that prevents rusting when exposed to moisture for long periods of time.

This little hatchet is ideal for firewood, backcountry camping, and gardening.

Gerber Pack Hatchet For Camping Axe - Overall Best Compact Splitting Axe On Our list

Gerber Pack Hatchet for Camping Axe - Overall Best Compact Splitting Axe on our list

Why we love it

The Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe is a one-piece axe that will help you get the job done. This reliable axe has a Coyote Brown handle, Black blade and weighs 1.3 lbs. This product has a 3.5 x 1 x 9.46 inches size and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Gerber.

The Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe comes with a full tang construction that allows it to be very sturdy in your hand while also giving you the necessary force to power through whatever task you are doing with this axe.

This product has been designed to be able to stand up to any type of work that needs to be done around the house or campsite with ease because of its durability and strength. The full tang construction also makes this product more durable than other hatchets on the market today.

This Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe is perfect for anyone who needs an all-purpose tool for their outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or hunting because of its versatility when it comes to cutting wood or clearing brush away from your campsite.

What you should know

The Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe is a camping tool that is made to be taken on the go. This product has a unique design that allows it to be used for many different purposes. It can be used in the wilderness as well as in your backyard. This hatchet is made from high-quality materials and comes with an ergonomic handle that provides you with a comfortable grip while using it.

The Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe also comes with a nylon sheath so that you can safely store and carry it around with you when traveling or hiking through the woods. This hatchet can be mounted on your pack or belt for easy access when needed. The blade of this hatchet has been made with a tall grind, which means that it will retain its optimal sharpness for longer periods of time than other types of blades would.

The handle is wrapped in a rubber material that helps to prevent slippage while you are working with this tool, so you don't have to worry about losing control when using this small forest axe.

Best Camping Hatchets Of 2022 FAQs


A camping hatchet is a tool for chopping wood, clearing brush, or even to fell a tree. Camping hatchets are designed to be lightweight and portable so that you can carry them with you on your camping trip. The handle of a camping hatchet is typically made from wood or fiberglass. The head of the hatchet is usually made from metal, although some camping hatchets come with composite heads that have both metal and hard plastic components.

The blade of a camping hatchet is curved at the end in order to make it easier to chop through logs or branches. The blade may also be serrated along its edge in order to increase its effectiveness as a cutting tool.

Hatchets can be used for many different purposes while you are camping, including cooking food and building shelters.


Here are some tips for using a camping hatchet:

  • Keep your head away from the blade.
  • Keep your hands away from the blade edge, especially when it is sharpened.
  • Never use the edge of the hatchet to pound things or to cut objects that can't be cut with the edge of the axe head itself.
  • Never swing an axe at something that is too close to you or someone else


Sharpening a hatchet is a basic skill that every camper should know. The best way to sharpen your hatchet is to use a sharpening stone, but if you don't have one, you can use sandpaper, a file, or even an angle grinder if you're desperate.

Step 1: Clean the blade

Clean the blade of your hatchet with soap and water before you start to sharpen it. This will remove any dirt, oil, and rust that may be on the blade, making it easier for you to see what you're doing when sharpening and reducing clogs. Dry off the hatchet afterward and let it air dry for about 30 minutes before proceeding with sharpening.

Step 2: Grind away metal

Hold your hatchet at an angle (about 20 degrees) and press down on the side of the blade with medium pressure until you have ground away about 10 percent of the metal. This will create a burr along the edge of your hatchet's blade — it looks like a small hook running along its length — which will allow you to hone it against another surface later on in this process.

Step 3: Hone down the burr

While continuing to hold the hatchet at an angle, press down on the blade with medium pressure again, this time moving it in a circular motion. This will remove the burr you created by grinding away the metal. leaving you with a relatively smooth edge.

Step 4: balance the blade

Turn the blade over and repeat step 3 on the opposite side of the blade. You will notice that the hatchet will become smoother with each pass.

Step 5: test

Test your work by running a piece of paper along the edge of the blade. If you aren't satisfied with the result, repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the desired level of sharpness. Once you are satisfied, apply a thin layer of mineral oil to protect the newly exposed metal from corrosion.


The lifespan of your camping hatchet will depend on the quality of the blade. A high-quality hatchet will last longer than a low-quality one. To help ensure you get the best product, it's important to buy from a reputable seller.

The best camping hatchets are made of high-quality steel and have a sharp, polished cutting edge that's easy to re-sharpen if needed. The handle should be comfortable to hold, even after hours of use, and the blade should be balanced so that it's easy to chop with one hand or two hands without feeling too heavy or unwieldy.

If you're going to spend money on a good hatchet, it's worth investing in something that will last for years or even decades to come.


There are many different types of camping hatchets. Each one has its own specific use and purpose. The most common ones are:

Filleting Hatchet: This is a small ax that is designed for removing the skin from fish. It has a very sharp blade and is usually made out of stainless steel.

Camping Hatchet: This type of hatchet is used for chopping wood and to help you build your campfire or shelter. The blade on this type of hatchet is thicker than that of the filleting hatchet so it can withstand more pressure and abuse in general use.

Camping Axe: This type of hatchet is used for chopping down trees and branches while camping, hiking, or backpacking. The head-on of this type of axe is larger than on other types of hatchets so that it can handle heavier workloads than other types of axes can handle easily.

Conclusion - Best Lightweight Camping Hatchet

Choosing the right hatchet is a very personal decision. The right hatchet will feel like an extension of your hand, it should stay sharp after many uses, and should be durable enough to withstand frequent use. It ultimately comes down to how you plan to use it. Some people will be carrying their hatchet in a pack on a long hike, others might just be carrying a small lightweight one for basic tasks around the campsite.

If you find yourself in need of a chopping tool while camping, the best camping hatchet is one that will do the job. Even though this list makes it easy to choose the best camping hatchet for your needs and style, we highly recommend that you click on the links above and read about each product's specifications to ensure you find a good fit for you. This can help ensure you get exactly what you're looking for as far as size and weight.

We hope the reviews above have helped you to choose the best camping hatchet for your needs. Whatever you decide, we wish you happy camping and happy chopping.

See you out there!