Best Hunting Pants Of 2022 - Best Hunting Pants For Men Reviews

Best Hunting Pants of 2022 - Best Hunting Pants for Men
Best Hunting Pants of 2022 - Best Hunting Pants for Men

Hunting is a big sport and hobby. Wearing the best hunting pants is important if you want to have comfort while you are in the jungle or woods. You need to be productive and organized when hunting so that you can maximize the limited time to search for a game.

When it comes to hunting, there are many hunting pants on the market today. However, not all hunting pants can keep you safe during your hunting trip. Unfortunately, hiking pants and cotton jeans won't do the job. They get too cold and wet during the winter season. If you want to remain dry, comfortable, and warm during your trips, here are some tips for picking the best pair of hunting pants for you.

How We Choose Best Waterproof Hunting Pant For Great Hunting:

Hunting is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is also a great way to get some fresh meat for your family. While the thrill of the hunt is great, it can also be challenging. Being in the wilderness can present many challenges, especially when you are wearing clothing that does not keep you warm or dry. The hunting pants will help you stay comfortable and dry during your time outdoors.

Finding the right pair of hunting pants is an important decision. It's not just about comfort and style, but also about safety. You'll want to make sure that you're wearing something that will keep you warm in the cold and dry in the rain. We've taken the time to look at some of the best options on the market today and we've chosen our favorites based on a variety of different factors. These include:


Hunting pants have to be comfortable. You're going to be in them for hours at a time, especially if you're hunting. We've found that some of the best hunting pants out there are made with breathable pant materials like denim or canvas. This allows for airflow and prevents you from sweating too much.


The next thing we consider when choosing the best hunting pants is how durable they are going to be when out in the field. We want them to be able to withstand any type of terrain while still being comfortable enough so that they can be worn all day long without causing any discomfort or chafing issues between your skin and the material of your pants.


You want your pants to last as long as possible, so look for something that is durable and strong enough to withstand wear and tear. It's always good to invest in quality products that will last longer than cheaper items that might need replacing every few months because they get worn out quickly.


Features include pockets, zippers, water resistance, and any other extras that can make your life easier when you're out in the field hunting for game or just enjoying the outdoors. For example, some pants come with a built-in pocket just above the knee designed specifically for opening bow sights or even handguns if needed during an emergency situation while others come with reinforced knees that can withstand heavy-duty use over time without getting worn out easily. Look for features like these when shopping around since they can make all the difference when it comes to choosing which pair of pants is best suited for your needs


The design of the pants can also make a difference in how well they perform while out in the field. If they don’t have enough stretchy material or pockets that aren’t big enough, then the pant might not work well for you during your next hunt.


The fit is another important consideration when choosing hunting pants. You want to make sure they aren't too baggy so they don't get caught on brush while walking through the woods. Also, you don't want them so tight that they restrict movement or feel uncomfortable when sitting down for long periods of time.

SITKA Timberline Pant - Best Overall Sitka Gear Waterproof Hunting Pant Of 2022 For Deer Hunting

SITKA Timberline Pant
Best Overall Sitka Gear Waterproof Hunting Pant Of 2022 For Deer Hunting

Why we love it

SITKA Gear Men's Pants are built for the backcountry hunter who appreciates lightweight pant that is comfortable and functional. The Timberline Pant is made from 100% polyester with a DWR finish and an abrasion-resistant ripstop weave. The pants feature a button fly, belt loops, and zippered hand pockets at the front with water-resistant zippers. A small pocket on the right thigh is perfect for carrying your phone or GPS device, while a large cargo pocket on the left leg has internal dividers for keeping small items organized.

The Timberline Pant is the next step in Sitka Gear's quest to build the ultimate hunting pant. These pants are made with a tough polyester fabric that is both rugged and breathable. The Timberline has an improved fit that allows for more comfortable movement in the field. They also feature a new belt closure system that makes them easier to take on and off.

What you should know

The SITKA Gear Men's attack Pant is a classic outdoor pants with modern technology. The Timberline is the entry-level Sitka pant, but don't let that fool you. It still offers all the great performance and fit of the higher-end Sitka gear. The Timberline offers all of the features you need in everyday pants, plus some extras like reinforced seat and knees, removable knee pads, and articulated patterning.

The Timberline has been treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to resist light precipitation and help keep the face fabric from wetting out. The nylon ripstop fabric is constructed of two layers of nylon fabric with an additional layer of polyester mesh sandwiched between them. This makes for an extremely tough yet lightweight pant that will handle anything you throw at it. The waistband on these pants features a stretchy material that allows for flexibility and comfort while hiking or hunting in rugged terrain.

Krumba Camouflage Hunting Pant for Men - Best Budget Hunting Pant

Krumba Camouflage Hunting Pant for Men
Best Budget Hunting Pant

Why we love it

The Krumba Men's Camouflage Hunting Pant is a great pant for hunting. It features a windproof and waterproof material that will keep you warm and dry in any weather condition. This pant also features a zipper closure for easy access and to keep your belongings safe. It is made with seam-sealed technology which makes it 100 percent waterproof pant. These pants are available in various sizes from S to 3XL.

These camouflage hunting pants are designed with a comfortable fit that will allow you to move freely while you are hunting or out on the trails. They feature an elastic waistband that provides a snug fit but still allows you to breathe comfortably while wearing these pants. The Krumba Men's Camouflage Hunting Pant comes at an affordable price and is an excellent investment if you are looking for comfortable camo hunting apparel at an affordable price!

What you should know

The Krumba Men's Camouflage Hunting Pant is the perfect pant for any hunting trip. These pants are made with a camouflage design which makes them great for hunting. The Krumba Men's Camouflage Hunting Pant has an elastic waistband with a drawstring so you can get the perfect fit. The pants are loose fitting so they can be worn over your clothes while still being able to move around freely. The pants have multi pockets so you can store all of your important items in one place. The pant also has a zip fly for easy access when going to the bathroom or changing clothes quickly.

The Krumba Men's Camouflage Hunting Pant is made out of 86% polyester and 14% elastane material that is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear all day long. The material is also durable enough that it won't rip easily even after multiple uses which makes these pants perfect for hunters who go out often on their own or with friends.

HOT SHOT Camo Pant For Men - Best Elk Hunting Pant

HOT SHOT Camo Pant For Men
Best Elk Hunting Pant

Why we love it

HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Rain Pant is a versatile year-round camo outdoor hunting pant. The pants are durable enough to last through multiple uses before they need to be replaced. The material dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about getting wet while wearing them in the rain or snow. They are also easy to wash by hand or machine without fear of ruining them. The pants also come in different sizes for people who want a better fit for their body type.

The HOT SHOT Men’s Pant is 57% Cotton, 41% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear. These camo hunting pants are designed with a relaxed fit, so they will fit comfortably over your boots or shoes as well as under your jeans. These men's camo hunting pants are great for any occasion where you need to blend into your surroundings or just look good! The material is breathable, so you don't have to worry about getting too hot wearing these pants on those warmer days of spring and summer.

What you should know

The HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Performance Pant is a versatile, durable, 4-way stretch hunting pant that won’t compromise on comfort. The fabric blend provides the ultimate durability and comfort in the field. The 6 pockets are perfect for carrying your gear and feature a vented crotch gusset for extra mobility. The HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Performance Pant is a great choice year-round for hunting, hiking, or lounging around at home.

A great choice for year-round use! Designed with a camouflage pattern to help conceal you in any environment! Great for those who want to stay hidden while hunting or hiking through the dense brush!

Merino Wool Pants - Overall Best Wool Hunting Pant And Lightweight Pants

Big Bill Merino Wool Pants
Overall Best Wool Hunting Pant And Lightweight Pants

Why we love it

The Merino Wool Hunting Pant is a midweight pant made of 80 percent Merino wool and 20 percent nylon. Merino wool is naturally breathable, which makes these hunting pants ideal for active hunters who will be spending most of their time in the woods. When you're sweating from exertion or from heat, the wool will wick away moisture so you stay dry and comfortable throughout your hunt.

The wool is sourced from Canada and is considered to be the finest in the world. This pant has been designed with the hunter in mind, with a high waistband and belt closure for those that like to keep their legs warm. The fabric is both comfortable and durable, making these pants perfect for any outdoor activity or trip into the field. The pants have a belt closure and two front pockets that can hold extra ammunition. They're cut for a relaxed fit, so they're comfortable when you're sitting in your tree stand or kneeling on the ground.

What you should know

Merino wool is a natural fiber that has been used for centuries. It is known for its high quality, durability, and comfort. The Merino wool hunting pant is the perfect choice for any hunting trip. The material will keep you warm on a cold day, but it also allows your skin to breathe so you don't get too hot. This hunting pant is lightweight, breathable, insulates even when wet, and dries quickly when it gets wet. It doesn't hold odors like some other materials.

This pant is also very durable. The fibers are naturally crimped and have high tensile strength. This means they won't break easily when you're moving through brush or climbing over rocks. These Shooting Cargo Pants are a classic design that has been around for years! It features multiple pockets, making them great for carrying items on your person or storing things in your truck bed or in your vehicle storage compartment.

Best Hunting Pants FAQs


Upland hunting pants are specialized clothing for hunters who use shotguns, or shotguns and rifles. These pants are designed to protect the hunter from the elements and provide enough space for a full-sized firearm to be carried on one’s person. The specific type of pant that is used depends on what type of hunting is being done and what hunting season it is.

Hunting pants used in the fall and winter months are generally made from thick denim or wool materials that are water resistant or waterproof. These types of pants will shed water well but still allow moisture to escape, thus keeping the wearer dry inside the material while still allowing them to feel cool when they need to be mobile outside in the elements. Upland hunting pants used during summer months tend to be made from lighter weight materials with more ventilation than their winter counterparts, as they are not as hot due to their lighter weight fabrics.


The answer to this question is as varied as the people who wear them. But in general, you can expect a pair of pants that are made with quality materials and well-constructed to last at least a season or two. Some of the factors that affect the longevity of your hunting pants include how often you wear them, how well you take care of them and what type of material they are made from.

When it comes to frequency, the more often you wear your cold-weather hunting gear, the faster it will wear out. If you only hunt once or twice per year and have a pair of pants that you use for other outdoor activities as well, then they could last several years before needing replacement.

On the other hand, if you're careful about caring for your gear and wash everything by hand after each trip out in the field, then you could get more mileage out of your clothing before needing new items. In addition, if you choose clothing made from durable materials like nylon or polyester blends instead of cotton blends


Wool hunting pants are an essential part of your hunting gear. They're not just for cold weather. Here are a few benefits of wool pants:

  • They keep you warm in cold temperatures. Wool is great at trapping heat and keeping you warm, even when it's wet.
  • They breathe well and wick moisture away from your body, so they'll keep you dry when the weather gets wet.
  • They're durable and last a long time, making them an investment worth making.
  • They're naturally flame resistant, so they won't catch on fire if you start a brush fire by shooting off a round in them (or accidentally dropping your gun).


It depends on the type of insulation and how much you shoot. The most common material used in hunting pants is wool. Wool feels great against your skin, but it's not very breathable and tends to get wet if it gets rained on or you sweat too much. If you're going to be sitting around in a tree stand all day, then this might not be an issue, but if you're walking around a lot then you will want something that is more breathable.

The next popular option is synthetic fleece. This type of insulation is extremely warm and breathable — perfect for when it gets really cold out. It also dries quickly so if you do get wet from rain or snow melt, then it won't take long for your pants to dry out again. Some brands even use a waterproof coating on their fleece which gives added protection from moisture buildup inside the pants during colder weather conditions.

The third main type of insulation used in hunting pants is down insulation (which is typically found in down jackets). Down insulation is lighter than other types of insulation because it traps pockets of air between the feathers; however, this also means that it doesn't provide as much warmth as other types


The biggest concern with big game hunting pants is the amount of blood, sweat and other fluids that can be found on them. These pants were designed to handle these situations, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of them properly.

The first step in cleaning your pant is to ensure you have a pair of safety glasses on hand. You will also want to make sure you have some rubber gloves in case there are any sharp objects that need to be handled.

The next step is to wash the pants in cold water only and use a mild soap like Woolite or Tide. Once the detergent has been added, rinse the pants thoroughly until all traces of soap are gone.

Next, fill up a bucket with warm water and add 1 cup of bleach per gallon of water. Place the pant inside this solution for approximately 30 minutes or until they are completely saturated with a bleach solution; however long it takes will depend on how dirty they are.

Conclusion - Is Buying Sitka Or Other Hunting Pant Worth It?

Wondering where you should begin your search for the perfect hunting pants? Instead of scouring the internet to find that one pair of pants that will help you reach your destination—say, a nice buck—I have reviewed some of the best hunting pants that are on the market and have ranked them for you. This way, you don't have to spend hours and hours hunting for pants, all you need to do is click on the links above to find the latest price.

See you out there!