Get More Fish On Your Hooks With The Best Surf Fishing Rods Reviewed

Get more fish on with the Best Surf Fishing Rods in 2022 | best saltwater surf rod and reels for 2023
Get more fish on with the Best Surf Fishing Rods in 2022 | best saltwater surf rod and reels for 2023

Are you looking for the best surf fishing rod but don't know which one to choose? We feel your pain! With so many options on the market, it can be extremely difficult to select the best surf fishing rod for your needs. That is why we set our team of expert surf fishermen loose with a simple directive, find the best surf fishing rods for saltwater fishing on the market and put them all in one convenient place.

How We Choose The Best Surf Fishing Rods In 2022

We know that there is no better feeling than hooking a big fish from the beach and digging in for a good fight, and one of the most important pieces of equipment to achieve that is a high-quality surf rod to get your saltwater fishing tackle exactly where you need it. Our team of avid surf anglers has attacked this issue by reading thousands of reviews and going on as many fishing trips as their marriages will tolerate to create this list of the best on shore fishing surf casters currently available.

Whether you need long casting rods to get past the surf, a light tackle surf fishing rig to add to your travel fishing rod collection, or even a surf rod that you can take boat fishing in the ocean, our range of surf rods will have an option for you!

Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rods - Best Overall Carbon Surf Rod, Best Bang For Your Buck 2022

Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rods
Best Overall Carbon Surf Rod, Best Bang For Your Buck 2022

Why we love it

The Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon Steelhead Spinning Rods are perfect for anglers who want a versatile and durable rod. With a graphite construction, these rods are strong enough to handle big fish, but sensitive enough to feel the smallest of bites. These rods are built to last with high-quality materials that will last for years, and are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. With their sensitive tips and strong construction, these rods can handle any fish you throw at them.

What you should know

Looking to reel in the big one? Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon Steelhead Spinning Rods are just what you need. With a durable build and sensitive tip, these rods are perfect for anglers of all levels. This rod is made of sensitive graphite and the comfortable cork handle ensures you'll be able to fish all day long without fatigue. The Okuma Celilo is great value for the money. It has all the features you need in a fishing rod, and it's built to last.

The sensitive graphite composite blank is perfect for feeling the bite, and the aluminum oxide guide inserts help keep your line from tangling. The stainless steel hooded reel seats are durable and keep your reel in place, while the fore and rear cork grips provide a comfortable grip. These 10' medium light power rods are rated for 4-12lb line, making it a great choice for versatile fishing.

St Croix Legend Surf Spinning Rod - Best Surf Rod Warranty

St Croix Legend Surf Spinning Rod
Best Surf Rod Warranty

Why we love it

The St Croix Legend is one of the strongest, most long-lasting rods currently available on the market, and it is certainly the toughest of our 2022 reviewed long surf rods. The high-modulus/high-strain carbon system provides extreme strength and durability that can even rival that of the legendary Ugly Stik GX2. The Fuji K-series guides help prevent tangles so you can use any fishing line you want, even braided fishing line, without any trouble. Couple these with titanium frames and you know that you aren't going to have any trouble with corrosion, a common problem that many saltwater rods tend to suffer from.

What you should know

The deluxe Fujo reel seat features PVD-plated hoods for superior coverage and protection and the custom neoprene handle will make sure you stay comfortable even when hauling in an absolute monster! St Croix is so confident in this series of surf rods that they are even applying a 15-year guarantee. Not only is this an unusually long guarantee period, but the guarantee is also transferrable, something that is unheard of in today's commercial world.

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
Best Surf Fishing Rod For Long Casting Fishing

Why we love it

Do you need the best surf fishing rod made of the best materials? If so, then the Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is one rod you don't want to leave on the shelf! This high-performance heavy rod series is designed with one thing in mind, hauling in enormous fish. Many surf rods break under high strain from large and powerful fish, but the solid carbon fiber construction of the Fiblink surf spinning rod means that it can handle anything that the ocean can throw at it. The stainless steel and ceramic guides provide a smooth cast and improved sensitivity so you can feel even the slightest nibble.

What you should know

This rod will never get pulled out of your hands with the non-slip rubber shrink tube handle. The tip over butt ferrule gives unrivaled strength and durability due to the machine-tapered hood transitions positioned both above and below. The wheel seat with tapered hood transitions are made with stainless steel for extreme protection from weathering and corrosion, and the double-footed stainless steel guide frames keep your line running straight no matter how hard your fish is fighting.

St. Croix Rods Triumph Surf Spinning Rod - Best Multipurpose Saltwater Surf Rods

St. Croix Rods Triumph Surf Spinning Rod
Best Multipurpose Saltwater Surf Rods

Why we love it

This St. Croix Rod is perfect for anyone who loves to surf fish. Its design and build give you the power to handle any big fish that comes your way, while still providing a smooth and easy experience. It's built with high-quality materials and components to provide years of trouble-free service. With its fast action and responsive tip, the Triumph Surf Spinning Rod is perfect for fishing in a variety of conditions. The range of sizes from 8 feet to 10 feet means that you can not only use this style of rod for lang casts from the beach, but you can also take it on the docks or the boat. Whatever style of fishing you enjoy, this rod will help you fish better.

What you should know

With premium quality SCII carbon construction and FRS for extreme strength and durability, this custom cork tape handle fishing rod ensures you maintain a strong grip as you land your next big catch. The Sea Guide Atlas Performance hard aluminum oxide guides and Sea Guide XDPS reel seats are perfect for any fishing enthusiast. The Sea Guide hook keeper is also a great feature, and the 2 coats of Flex-Coat slow-cure finish make this rod even more durable.

PENN Battalion II Surf Spinning - Best 2-Piece Surf Casting Rod

PENN Battalion II Surf Spinning
Best 2-Piece Surf Casting Rod

Why we love it

The Penn Battalion II series of composite rods are made from an advanced graphite composite, specially designed for rods that bend to a high degree. This strength and elasticity gives these long fishing rods the endurance and sensitivity to target multiple species of fish from snapper to small tuna. The tacky rubber shrink tube handle allows you to keep your grip on the rod even during the most intense of fights, and the Fuji Alconite guides keep your line straight, even if you cast into the breaking surf.

What you should know

The Fuji reel seat can be perfectly paired with the Spinfisher IV or Battle III spinning reels to gain an unbeatable fishing experience from this power surf series of rods. The fast action gives you the sensitivity you need to determine the difference between tidal movements and nibbles, and the balance and durability you can gain from the Penn Battalion Two rods exceed that of even expensive rods in the same category. If you are looking for a versatile rod that has the balance and durability to get the job done without breaking the bank, the Penn Battalion II is for you!

Best Surf Fishing Reels And Saltwater Spinning Rods FAQS

If you're new to fishing, or even if you're an experienced fisher, you might have some questions about where to find the best surf fishing rods and casting rods. In this article, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the best surf fishing rods so that you can make the best choice for your needs.


In order to keep your surf fishing rod and reel in optimal condition, it is important to clean and lubricate them on a regular basis. To clean the rod, use a mild soap and water solution, and be sure to rinse it off thoroughly afterwards. Lubricate the reel by lightly oiling all of the moving parts with WD-40 or similar lubricating mineral oil. In addition, it is important to store your surf fishing rod and reel in a cool, dry place when you're not using them.


A surf fishing rod is a type of fishing rod designed specifically for surf fishing. Surf fishing is a type of fishing that is done from the shore in the surf zone - the area between the beach and the breaking waves. Surf fishing rods are typically longer and heavier than other types of fishing rods, and are designed to cast baits and lures further out into or beyond the surf.


The best length for a fishing rod depends on the type of fish you are targeting and the type of fishing you are doing. If you are targeting species that like to stay in the breaking surf, a shorter rod is better because it gives you more control. If you are targeting fish that stay beyond the waves, a longer rod is better because it gives you more casting distance.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a surf rod, including length, power, action, and material. The best surf rod for you will depend on your personal fishing style and the type of fish you hope to catch.

Length: The length of your surf rod should be based on the size of the waves you typically fish in. If you fish in smaller waves, a shorter rod will be easier to handle. If you fish in larger waves, a longer rod will give you more power and distance.

Power: The power of your surf rod will determine how much weight it can handle. A heavier power rating is better for larger fish, while a lighter rod is better for smaller fish.

Action: The action of your surf rod will determine how fast the tip of the rod moves when you cast. A fast action rod is more sensitive and better for smaller fish, while a slower action is stronger and better for larger fish.

Material: The material of your surf rod will determine how durable it is. A more durable surf rod is better for fishing in saltwater, while a less durable surf rod is better for fishing in freshwater.


The best rod and reel for surfcasting is the one that best meets your personal needs and preferences. Different anglers have different opinions on what the best rod and reel for surfcasting is, so you'll need to do some research to figure out what will work best for you.

Generally, a longer rod is better for surfcasting, as it will give you more distance and power when casting your line. A good reel is important as well, as it will help you to keep control of your line and avoid tangles. There are many different types of rods and reels on the market, so take some time to figure out which one will work best for you before making a purchase.


The best fishing rod for beach fishing is one that is made of durable materials and can withstand the harsh saltwater environment. The rods should also be able to cast long distances and have a good amount of power to reel in the large fish that are often found along the shore.

There are a range of options that are suitable for beach fishing, but in general, you will want a rod that has a minimum of 9 feet in length, with 12-15 foot rods generally being considered as the most suitable for beach fishing due to the extra distance you gain from the added length.


For surf casting, the best color line is usually fluorescent green. This color is visible from a distance, making it easier to spot your line in the water. It is best to add a fluorocarbon leader to the end of the line so that you don't spook any fish.


The size of the reel you'll need for surf fishing will depend on the type and size of fish you're targeting, as well as the type of rod and fishing line you're using. For smaller fish, a lighter reel with an 8-10lb line will suffice. For larger fish, a heavier reel with a 20-30lb line may be necessary. As for style, the most popular build of reel for surf casting is the spinner reel, colloquially known as the eggbeater reel, as this style of reel performs the best when casting long distances.


A surf fishing reel typically costs between $50 and $500. Some factors that affect the cost include the quality of materials it is made out of, the size of the reel, The technology used in its construction, and the brand.


The length of the rod needed to catch different species of fish from the beach varies depending on the size of the fish. For example, a smaller fish like a sardine can be caught with a shorter rod, while a larger fish like a tuna requires a longer rod. The line should also be appropriate for the size of the fish, with heavier line needed for larger fish.


There is a lot of debate on what kind of rod components are best for saltwater conditions. Some people swear by graphite, while others prefer stainless steel. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with. If you're fishing in saltwater, it's important to make sure that your equipment can withstand harsh conditions.


One of the reasons surf rods are so long is that they need to be able to cast a heavy line and lure a good distance offshore. The longer the rod, the more power it has to do this. Additionally, longer rods can help you control your line and lure better in windy conditions.

Conclusion - Do You Need The Best Surf Rods For Surf Fishing?

The best surf fishing rod is the one that meets the specific needs of the angler. There is no single "best" rod, but rather a variety of rods that can be suited to the individual angler. When choosing a rod, it is important to consider the type of fish being targeted, the size and power of the waves, and the wind conditions. The best surf fishing rods are the ones that are most comfortable for the fisherman. They should be able to handle the weight of the fish and have a good grip. The rod should also be able to cast the line out far enough so that the fish can be caught.

We have featured several outstanding surf fishing rods in this article that any beach angler would be happy to use. All that is left for you to do now is decide which one suits you best and click on the links above to find the best price available.

See you out there!